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Cut Your Fuel Budget By 6% To 10% Per Month

Software installs in 30 minutes. Savings start the first month.
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Imagine more than 6% fuel savings and immediate breakeven ROI in the first month.
A one-time installation is completed in less than 30 minutes. Derive has been the trusted source for 25 years with more than 300 customers, and 2 million installations.
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VQ Efficiency™

Improve fuel efficiency and lower idle RPM

The Derive VQ Efficiency bundle has been proven to provide more than 6% cost savings in fuel consumption allowing fleet managers to customize their fleet’s automated idle management, eco-adjustments, and implement speed governing.
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VQ Telematics™

Use data to elevate vehicle and driver productivity

By making telematics part of the Derive VQ Platform, fleet managers benefit from traditional telematics insights, while receiving the integrated benefits of fuel savings from VQ Efficiency, and the active vehicle management of VQ Safety; conveniently in one UX dashboard.
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VQ Safety™

Remove the need for driver behavior modification

Actively manage your driver by limiting cell phone usage and implementing speed governing according to your company’s policy for vehicle use. VQ Safety is designed with one purpose in mind: the protect your drivers and assets, while limiting risk exposure.
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Derive VQ® Platform

Customize Your Fleet
Management Solutions

As a fully customizable platform, with Derive VQ® you can build a tailored fleet management software solution designed to meet any of your fleet and company goals.
VQ PRODUCT SOLUTIONS VQ Efficiency VQ Telematics VQ Safety Enterprise
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Customize Your Solutions

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