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Fuel Efficiency,
Carbon Reduction,
& Driver Safety

Get immediate ROI, reduce GHG, and lower your risk with a 30-minute install
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Minimize fuel costs, increase driver safety, and improve fleet productivity.
Derive is committed to dramatically reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions of fleet vehicles. We use proven fuel efficiency software to customize the vehicles in your fleet to make them work in the most effective way possible. And while our technology improves fuel efficiency, it also improves driver safety and enhances traditional telematics technology.
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VQ Efficiency™

Immediately reduce
fuel costs.

The Derive VQ Platform is proven to reduce fuel use by an average of 8.3% overall and up to 20% during idling. On average, our clients save between $300 to $500 on fuel costs per vehicle, per year.
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VQ Telematics™

Go beyond driver behavior and asset management

Derive technology proactively manages vehicles versus reactively managing driver behavior. When you combine Derive VQ-Efficiency and Safety solutions with Sperion's industry-leading telematics solution, you leapfrog your competition to get more out of your telematics than driver training and behavior modification.
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VQ Safety™

Permanently Stop

Derive VQ’s speed governing restricts the maximum speed of the vehicle per your company's policy. This removes poor driving habits that can impact the safety of the driver, the passengers, and others on the road.
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