Incorporated in 1935, Frontier Communications employs 22,000 people across 29 states.

Interested in fleet-wide fuel savings for their expansive fleet of 5,000 vehicles, Frontier came to Derive with a desire for results within a quick payback period.
Frontier experienced a 6-12% savings in fuel consumption after completing a 15-month pilot emulating real-world expectations with 140 of their fleet vehicles. The pilot program was conducted among three types of Frontier’s fleet vehicles and split between city and highway driving to determine the actual expected results of Derive’s solution.


Derive software was installed in the fleet’s Express Vans and Silverados

Each pilot vehicle was customized to reduce idle RPM, limit vehicle speed and improve shift points and torque utilization. These vehicle upgrades were determined with the Frontier team and based off of the company’s interest in reducing fuel costs and their carbon footprint while improving fleet safety.


The Derive solution proved to be highly effective across Frontier’s pilot vehicles.

Savings Chart
Of the piloted vehicles, an 18.9% reduction in gallons of fuel consumed per hour was documented as best results on Frontier’s newest vehicles and a 6-12% reduction on their remaining fleet vehicles. When translated into fuel savings, Derive calculated annual $390 fuel cost savings per vehicle for Frontier based on pilot data collected. Additionally, no negative impacts to maintenance or vehicle warranty were experienced and the Frontier team found results to be viable after the simple and exceptionally quick 10-20 minute installation.

With full implementation of Derive’s solution across Frontier’s 5,000 fleet vehicles, the company expects nearly $6.2 million of fuel savings annually. In addition to cost savings, full implementation would reduce 2M gallons of fuel used annually. Between fuel costs and a reduced carbon footprint, the benefits Derive delivers are unquestionable and Frontier is currently in a position to proceed with a full rollout.
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