Vehicle Telematics 

The most effective way to understand how your fleet currently operates is by leveraging telematics. The problem is that even with thousands of telematics solutions available, telematics itself only provides data. Fleet managers are responsible for using that data to uncover insights and determine the adjustments needed to optimize fleet performance. 

Fleet Engine Calibration  

Rather than just focusing on driver management, pairing telematics with engine calibration provides a concrete way to switch the responsibility of fleet productivity from the driver to the vehicle. By using engine calibration to alter a vehicle’s engine parameters, fleet managers can actually align how their vehicles perform with the way their vehicles are being used and gain enhanced control over the entire fleet. 

Meet: VQ Telematics + VQ Efficiency

Knowing the importance of leveraging both vehicle-centric and driver-centric management to optimize a fleet, Derive combines telematics and calibration in one comprehensive and fully customizable fleet management solution. Using VQ Telematics and VQ Efficiency, Derive’s calibration solution, fleet managers can now analyze vehicle data and immediately turn their insights into action. The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3.  


VQ Telematics

Derive collects data from both the vehicle’s computer and the environment to paint a holistic view of how each vehicle and driver operates in the fleet.

VQ Efficiency

Based on the data insights, customized software calibrations are developed to create upgrades which are delivered back to the vehicle.


Once calibrations are installed on the vehicles, fleet managers can use VQ Telematics to monitor and track the success of the calibrations.

If you are ready to take your fleet management to the next level, VQ Telematics + VQ Efficiency is your next step.

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