The main goal of fleet management is to make a fleet as productive, profitable and sustainable as possible. From managing vehicles and drivers to creating and assessing operating procedures, there are intricacies that go into increasing the success of a fleet. By effectively leveraging telematics, fleet managers can combat some of their most pressing challenges: high fuel costs, driver safety, and overall fleet productivity.  

Today, 55% of fleets have higher than necessary vehicle costs and 66% of fleet managers say they could do more to reduce fuel costs.

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High Fuel Costs

Both driver behavior and the vehicles play a significant role in effective fuel usage. By leveraging the right telematics solutions, fleet managers gain data into vehicle usage and insights to lower fuel costs.  

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Driver Safety

From monitoring driver behavior to taking corrective action, and implementing driver education, a large portion of fleet management is dedicated to driver safety. By analyzing the right telematics data, fleet managers can mitigate unsafe vehicle operations. 

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Fleet Productivity

To manage the productivity of a fleet, managers are responsible for monitoring all of the moving parts, analyzing data to find trends, and implementing changes. The right telematics solutions can streamline this manual process.  

Finding the Best Telematics Solution

If you are ready to overcome the most pressing fleet management challenges that you face today, Derive Systems can help. Our Derive VQ Platform infuses our VQ Telematics with the power of VQ Efficiency engine calibrationDownload our white paper for a step-by-step guide to finding the best telematics software for your fleet – and how Derive VQ is delivering on those needs. 

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