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Fleet managers across multiple industries trust Derive to deliver the safety, efficiency, and performance they require for their vehicles' specific missions.


Solutions in Action

Fleet management is not one-size-fits all. With deep expertise in a variety of industries, the Derive Systems team has built customized software solutions that can be tailored to the intricacies and challenges of each industry.
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    Oil & Gas

    Derive ensures a safe work environment throughout the seasons, for both drivers and nearby field workers.

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    Field Services

    Derive empowers fleet managers to keep acceleration conservative and tailor the route being driven to the current environment.

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    Derive optimizes power when payloads require it, while continually saving fuel through idle settings.

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    Derive solutions can provide the power to deliver on a vehicle’s mission without over-taxing fuel usage.

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    Law Enforcement

    Derive improves the driving experience for the officer while decreasing costs for the fleet manager.

Port St. Lucie Police Department
Canaveral Port Authority
Montana Energy Services Representative
A lot of our officers don't even know it's in their car. They just get in and know it performs better. Installation process is simple: it takes 15-20 minutes to do. You just read the screen and install it. It's simple and good to go.
Billy May|Police Administrator
Right now, they’re just driving the way they want to, and they’ll continue to drive that way except they’ll be limited to what I set the speed limit at. As easy as [installation] is,
we can have anybody do it.
Brian Carroll|Fleet Manager, Canaveral Port Authority
Anytime you can gain fuel efficiencies, enhance safety, and help the environment – without adding parts – you have a great program.
|Montana Energy Services Representative
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