The Problem With Driver-Centric Management

While you can lower fuel costs, efficiently maintain vehicles, minimize downtime, keep drivers safe, and increase productivity by monitoring, correcting, and educating drivers on effective driving behaviors, it takes significant time and money to guarantee success. By transitioning to a dual approach of driver-centric and vehicle-centric management, you can leverage driver insights and make adjustments to your vehicles, to achieve the same outcomes more efficiently. 

Redefining Vehicle-Centric Management

True vehicle-centric fleet management allows the profitability of your fleet to be reliant on the effectiveness of your vehicles, instead of only the behaviors of your drivers. Derive has developed a comprehensive and fully customizable fleet management software solution that shifts the responsibility from the driver to the vehicle. With Derive VQ’s combination of vehicle telematics and fleet engine calibration your fleet will become more profitable, efficient, safer, and sustainable. 

VQ Telematics™

Derive VQ features our robust VQ Telematics solution that provides the data and insight your fleet needs to improve and grow. 

VQ Efficiency™

VQ Efficiency™, Derive’s engine calibration solution, allows you to tune the engine parameters to align each vehicle with its intended use. 

If you are ready to build a stronger, more effective and profitable fleet, download our white paper to learn more about how the Derive VQ Platform can give you complete control of your fleet management approach.

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