Imagine a world where the profitability of your fleet relied on the effectiveness of your vehicles, rather than the behaviors of your driver.

With the Derive VQ® Platform you have the ability to optimize the safety, profit, and sustainability of your fleet with one simple software solution. By leveraging fleet telematics and calibrations you will gain a holistic view into every element of your fleet operations and will be positioned to effectively shift the responsibility of fleet optimization from the driver to the vehicle.  

Fleet Telematics

Telematics collects vehicle data to help companies better understand vehicle trends and driver behavior. With the Derive VQ® platform, you will be able to turn your telematics data into action at the click of a button.

Engine Calibration

Calibrations modify a vehicle’s engine parameters to improve fuel efficiency and limit dangerous driver behaviors. By infusing calibration capabilities into the Derive VQ® platform, you can customize your own vehicles, on your time.

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