It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

Vehicle calibration, also known as engine tuning, is the process of altering the engine parameters of a vehicle to align with the way the vehicle is being used. While it sounds complex, engine calibration technology is actually easy, flexible, and can be completed in minutes. The Derive VQ Platform includes VQ Efficiency, our fleet engine calibration solution that leverages customizable software and the OBD-II port to adjust your vehicle’s computer settings — like idle RPM, shift points, and maximum speed — thereby reducing your fuel usage, protecting your drivers, and minimizing fuel spend. 

It’s time to make your vehicles work for you.

Vehicles are built with minimal customization to ensure they appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. While it is common to make aesthetic and functional alterations that align with your company needs to new fleet vehicles, engine calibrations are widely overlooked. By simply calibrating the engine of your fleet vehicles with VQ Efficiency, you can minimize fuel costs, increase driver safety, and elevate overall fleet productivity. 

VQ Efficiency: The proof is in the numbers

Lowering fuel costs and minimizing dangerous driving behavior is a significant challenge for most fleet managers and operators. Fleet engine calibration can do both. Depending on the industry, vehicle use, and duty cycle, fleets that use the Derive VQ Platform average a 6-12% fuel savings. By reducing the idle RPM, your vehicles are burning less fuel when waiting at a stoplight. By lowering the top speed, you reduce fuel waste at higher speeds and prevent drivers from speeding. If you are ready to increase your company’s bottom line and add an extra layer of protection for your drivers, download the white paper to learn more about the benefits of Derive VQ. 

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