Florida law enforcement fleet sees significant fuel savings and reduces their carbon footprint with Derive’s software upgrades.

On average, police vehicles idle up to 65% in a 12-hour shift.
Port St. Lucie’s fleet exceeded this, idling 76% in each shift. Consequently, the department’s unnecessary fuel usage during idle was higher than normal. With this problem in mind, their Police Chief John Bolduc approached Derive with the following goals: Gain significant fuel cost savings by reducing idle fuel consumption without impacting the fleet’s performance, and Maintain their strict emission standards.


Port St. Lucie started with a pilot to test the software upgrades.

Derive installed its technology in a sample set of the fleet that included sedans, SUVs and a K-9 unit. As part of the validation Derive established a baseline, then used that data to create a refined solution.


After two months, Port St. Lucie’s PD fleet saw a meaningful reduction in the amount of fuel consumption.

$40 Per vehicle per month in fuel savings
12% Reduction in fuel costs
11% Reduction in Fuel Spend
200 lb. Reduction in carbon emissions
Savings Chart
The results were so compelling that Port St. Lucie Police Department installed Derive software in an additional 77 vehicles and plans to install it in their entire 300-vehicle fleet.
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