Montana-based construction and oilfield/energy services corporation to increase savings and reduce fuel waste.

Consistent with its corporate culture that works to improve productivity and reduce expenses.
Trucks are often kept idling at a work site or outside a production facility for hours to ensure vehicle cabs are warm or cool, depending on weather conditions, and ready to move when the time is right. These trucks log tough miles, often across rugged terrain, to move crews and equipment to job sites in cities and remote areas.


Derive technology was installed in two supervisor trucks.

The engines were calibrated to the requirements of actual use, rather than generic factory settings. Intended fuel savings and safety benefits were expected both while vehicles were idling and were driving in highway situations.


In March, data was retrieved from the trucks and revealed this information:

7% fuel savings in Ford F-150 V6
8% fuel savings in Ford F-150 V8
6-8% expected fuel savings
Savings Chart
Recalibration of the fleet’s other trucks are anticipated to generate even greater savings as those trucks log more miles and more time in the field than trucks assigned to supervisors.
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