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Slam the Brakes on Speeding in Your Fleet

Every fleet manager has had them, the drivers that must be tying bricks to their feet as they zoom around their job sites. Speeding is a serious problem among fleet drivers and isn’t just costly fo...
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Reducing Fleet Driver Exposure to COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus disease 2019, has quickly become a global pandemic and has many business owners and managers scrambling to figure out how to best protect their employees. At De...
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Derive Systems Appoints John Oechsle as Chief Executive Officer

Derive Systems, a leading B2B and B2C automotive technology provider with over two million software installations on the road, announced today that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed H....
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Improving Safety in Your Fleet: 10 Defensive Driving Tips

Spring into safety in your fleet by revisiting defensive driving best practices with your drivers. Defensive driving empowers drivers to take control of their own behaviors to better react to othe...
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Top 3 Impacts to Fuel Efficiency in Your Fleet

Finding ways to save money in your fleet is always a high priority, even when fuel costs at the pump are low. But oftentimes fleet managers turn to driver training as the answer to making their vehic...
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Improving Productivity in a Small Fleet

Fleet managers wear a lot of hats, especially those managing small fleets and working with reduced budgets and resources. But there are ways small fleets can make gains in productivity to improve ...
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