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Use data to elevate

We make your telematics solution better by combining the fuel savings benefits of VQ Efficiency with the proven visibility and insights you expect from telematics, all in one UX dashboard.
Derive Systems has partnered with Spireon to offer their robust vehicle telematics solution, Fleet Locate. The only way to collect telematics data and make vehicle calibrations with VQ Efficiency is through a vehicle’s OBD-II port. By making telematics part of the Derive VQ® Platform, you don't have to give up telematics to receive the additional benefits of Active Vehicle Management™ and calibrations.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Increase productivity

GPS Tracking

VQ Telematics delivers business intelligence to provide reliable data on how your drivers and fleet are performing. With GPS tracking, driver and vehicle performance metrics improve communication with drivers, aid in routing and rerouting, and track productivity.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Improve driver behavior

Management Solutions

With driver management solutions you can access near-real-time alerts to risky driver behavior and can take immediate corrective action and implement educational opportunities.
Idle Reduction
Idle Reduction

Strategic-decision making

Real-Time Data

By accessing your telematics system on the web or mobile app and importing it into your existing fleet management software you can get near-real-time data to inform your decisions.

VQ Telematics Full Features

By combining the power of telematics, calibrations, and AVM, you have complete visibility into your fleet's operations and automated optimizations take the guesswork out of data analysis. Take control of your fleet by selecting the right technology mix and maximizing the results:

  1. Track vehicles and trips
  2. Monitor and stop risky driver behaviors
  3. Access data 24/7

How it Works

Collecting data on vehicle performance

Armed with data on nearly every aspect of vehicle use, data-driven decisions can be made to modify fleet operations, driver regulations, and engine parameters to align with the needs of a company.

A telematics device is connected to the vehicle’s OBDII port.

Monitor & Collect
Monitor & Collect

A SIM card and modem tracks and gathers vehicle performance data.

Transmit & Analyze
Transmit & Analyze

The data displayed on a dashboard and analyzed by fleet managers.


Telematics can streamline fleet management - from fuel savings to routine maintenance - to help you keep up with complex business needs and make strategic decisions.

  • Fuel Efficiency
    Fuel Efficiency

    Telematics gives you a leg up by tracking miles per gallon, identifying unauthorized fill-ups, and monitoring vehicle idle times.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    With the ability to get near-real-time alerts about speeding or other risky driving behavior, you can understand driver performance and coach drivers to improve the safety of your fleet.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Telematics can help streamline vehicle maintenance by providing data on how vehicles are running, indicating when it is time for tire rotations, oil changes, and more significant fixes.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Using near-real-time data, you can optimize routing and reduce miles traveled, increase miles per gallon (MPG), and track drivers to keep tabs on their daily productivity.

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